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There are several factors that influence the overall cost of a monument. These factors include but are not limited to, the size, shape, and color of granite. Other price factors include finishing services such as laser etching, additional engraving on back, photos & flower vases.  

Starting Prices
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     We have a variety of stock that will cater to almost any budget. Stop in today to see our large inventory of monuments  of all shapes, sizes and colors. 

If you don't see what your looking for just ask we can order it for you. 

*Please note Starting Prices reflect gray granite, color of granite, size and  shape are part of what will determine the final price


FLUSH 861.00

BEVEL 1,123.00

SLANT 1,643.00



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Special Shapes

We offer a wide variety of special shaped monuments that represent a truly unique works of art. These one-of-a-kind memorials do not fall within the criteria for standard monument pricing. Please give us a call if you have a special shape in mind.

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