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Select a monument from our large supply of inventory.

       Every step to the monument creation is accomplished in-house! This allows us to oversee every aspect as your monument is being produced.  The process begins with a design consultation where the customer describes the perfect memorial for their loved one. There are several elements to consider when designing a monument. The individual’s name, date of birth, and date of death are all customary, but the memorial's uniqueness depends on the customers vision.
     Before the sandblasting process begins, our in-house graphic artists will create a full color digital rendering of the final product. Once the customer approves the final design, engraving can begin.
     A stencil of the design is then cut and applied to the stone where the granite is carved by our on-site craftsmen. 
     The engraver uses a high-pressure air hose to trace the design from the stencil into the granite and the uncut portion of the stencil is then removed. After the final preparations are complete, the monument is ready to be shipped.                


*Additionally, we offer on-site final date engraving that can be prepaid at the time of monument purchase. This relieves the family of making preparations after the final date has occurred.  

Cemetery Engraving

     Richards Monument is one of the few monument companies that offer on-site engraving. If you have a preneed monument at a cemetery needing a final date or additional information added to an existing monument, we would be happy to assist.

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The Monument is engraved/laser-etched in-house at our facility.

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We deliver and set up the monument at the cemetery.

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Our design team will create a full-color rendering of your completed monument.

Step by Step
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